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Whatever the application, our desire is to add value to your life. I look forward to creating something with you for your home or business.

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A friend of mine from South Africa had come to Chicago and commented that there was no stone-facing. I had never seen it or even heard the name. Most applications in the States have been for movie sets, hotels, casinos and private estates or most commonly the putt-putt golf areas.

Today in the Chicago land area there are many concrete stamping companies that will make a side walk or a drive way look like a pattern or design but as far as vertical applications there are few if any that offer custom carving. What is unique about stone-facing is that there is no limits per say to the type of design that can be carved. Unlike real or artificial stones that must be glued or mortared into place, stone-facing is not limited to a pre-existing shapes. Your area is an open canvas for creativity and originality.

Some ideas include the following:

Walls - Indoor & Outdoor
Fireplaces & Great Rooms
Archways & Entrance Ways
Atriums & Hallways
Columns, Beams & Pillars
Spas, Pools, & Jacuzzis
Bathrooms, Bars & Lounges
Basements & Wine Cellars
Water Cascades
Patios & Decks
Areas Planters & Retaining Walls
Old and Unsightly Foundations


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We are very excited to soon release online video classes teaching this cosmetic art form. Classes will range from faux finishes to a variety of textured walls including how to do what you see here on this web site. We will continue to add many new and intriguing areas to this web site. If you are interested in learning how to do these finishes, please submit your email address to be informed of new releases, upcoming online classes and other opportunities.

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